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Advanced Therapeutics

We have been in your shoes and worked in small company teams. We partner with you to develop cutting edge therapies by utilizing our extensive biotech and pharma background in sponsor roles for multiple technologies.

Strategic Regulatory

In an ever-changing and complex Regulatory environment, the challenges to bringing a new medical product to market can seem overwhelming. Innovative medical products require innovative regulatory strategies.

Clinical Strategy

For a new investigational product to become an effective component of our healthcare system, the clinical development process and subsequent propagation into the market must be strategic, focused and unified.

Connected Health

Digital innovation is transforming disease management and empowering patients. With a track record of developing a broad range of medical devices, we understand your need to scale execution for connected health platforms.

BBA Is Now Avania

A Customer Focused Full-service CRO

As a strategic clinical and regulatory consultancy and a full-service CRO, Boston Biomedical Associates uniquely combines strategies for meeting regulatory requirements, designing pre-clinical and clinical plans, with our capacity to execute your clinical trial to help you impact lives globally.

Clinical and Regulatory Strategy and Clinical Trial Execution

Bring us your medical products, be it a new technology, biologic, or pharmaceutical and we’ll help you bring it to market quicker and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. At Boston Biomedical Associates, our main difference is your major advantage. Here, we not only help you navigate through the product development process with regulatory and clinical strategy, we also offer clinical trial execution which is something other companies can’t or simply don’t do.

Your Partner From Concept Through Execution

BBA’s leading regulatory, quality and clinical consultants bring more than 20 years of experience to the medical product arena offering unrivalled, individualized guidance to large and small companies alike. As your strategic partner throughout the entire product life cycle, BBA will be with you every step of the way offering the convenience of working with one seasoned team and the peace of mind to move forward with confidence and success.

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