BBA To Be Featured at Society for Clinical Trials Meeting

BBA To Be Featured at Society for Clinical Trials Meeting

Northborough, MA – Four senior members of Boston Biomedical Associates (BBA) Biostatistical Department will present abstracts at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials in Boston in May. The Society for Clinical Trials is an international community of professionals from a variety of disciplines involved with the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials. The theme of this year’s meeting, “Revolutionizing Clinical Trials,” will attract physicians, statisticians, policy experts, regulators, epidemiologists and other medical experts. BBA Statistical Team presenters and their topics are:

Monday, May 20

Mark Mcllduff: Mr. Mcllduff is an Associate Consultant – Biostatistics at BBA. After earning his MS in Biostatistics at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, he worked for Grand Rapids Medical Education and Research Center prior to joining BBA in 2010.

TOPIC: “Succeeding as a Data Expert at an FDA Advisory Committee Meeting” – Mark Mcllduff will share his successful experience serving as a data expert for a client that received PMA approval through an FDA AdCom panel meeting. Mark will discuss his preparation in the lead up to panel, the role he took in effectively supporting the products message, and what goes on behind the scenes as a data expert at an FDA AdCom panel meeting.

Tuesday, May 21

Vicki Lu – Now in her fourth year at BBA, Ms. Lu is an Assistant Consultant with BBA and is responsible for programming data required for clinical reports and validating the output prior to submission to clients. She holds two MS Degrees in Statistics and Genetics from the University of Missouri.

TOPIC: “Missing Data in Clinical Trials” – Missing data is a prevailing problem in clinical studies and the credibility of clinical trial results could be substantially undermined by missing data. This poster presentation will review strategies and steps that could and should be taken to reduce the amount
of missing data and the impact of missing data in clinical trials. The focus is on three critical elements: (1) careful trial design (2) good trial conduct and (3) appropriate data analysis in handling missing data.

Tuesday, May 21

Deborah Toyota – Ms. Toyota is Manager of SAS Programming for BBA. Prior to joining BBA in 2006, she worked for several Boston-area companies for 14 years, working as a database manager and most recently as the manager for compliance and validation for Averion, Inc.

TOPIC: “How Much is Enough: A Risk-Based Approach to Analysis Verificaton” – A formal risk analysis is the key to scaling analysis verification in a way that provides documented evidence of the decision. BBA has developed an analysis verification risk assessment that has been utilized on several projects over the past 18 months. This presentation will share this risk-based strategy for analysis verification, presenting the impact on the verification processes and discussing lessons learned.

Wednesday, May 22

Katherine Freier, PhD – Dr. Freier, a graduate of UCLA with a PhD in Statistics, joined BBA in 2011 as a Senior Consultant – Biostatistician. Prior to that she was an Assistant Professor at Amherst College and Innovation Analyst for Fidelity Human Resource Services and a Biostatistician II for United BioSource Corporation.

TOPIC: “Paint me a picture: Using visual data representation to summarize and explore data” – Numeric summary tables often fall short in telling the full story your data has to offer. This presentation, designed for non-statisticians, takes a look at some classic graphical approaches to exploring and displaying data and also touches on some simple twists to the classics that can offer even more possibilities.

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